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Royal Cremation

Posted October 2017

The Royal Cremation for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej will be scheduled for 25-29 October 2017.

Sandalwood flowers are used in cremation ceremonies in Thailand

The process of the Royal Cremation will last five days. Visitors will find that most transport, banks, shopping areas, hospitals and other public services will be operating as normal. Tourist attractions across Thailand will be open as usual.

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Taling Ngam Sunset Strip

Posted February 2017

The Sunset Strip of Koh Samui - Taling Ngam

Sunset Taling Ngam

Because of its ideal location on the southwest coastline of Koh Samui, Taling Ngam is known as the sunset strip of Koh Samui.

Quite simply the sunsets are extraordinary and unforgettable.

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Birds Nest Soup

Posted February 2017

The Five Islands, home to protected swifts

Birds Nest Soup

Off the Taling Ngam coastline on the southwest corner of Koh Samui, are the "five Islands" - only a few hundred metres from the Headland.

In Thai, these islands are known as "Koh Si Koh Ha", which means "four islands, five islands" –since one of these islands is obscured from most vantage points.

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The Koh Samui Guide

Posted September 2016

Do you want to know more about Koh Samui?

The Koh Samui Guide

After 13 years of Koh Samui exploration, 8 years of Thailand travel advice and 5 editions of the Koh Samui Guide all of the answers are in one place, with "The Koh Samui Guide".

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NaviGo - a new taxi service in Koh Samui

Posted August 2016

NaviGo uses a mobile booking application, similar to Uber and GrabTaxi, by using GPS tracking to link drivers to customers.

Navigo Koh Samui

NaviGo intends to bring Samui's public transportation up to the standard of western operators. They have 13 brand new taxis - a combination of minibuses and cars.

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Orientation, map of Koh Samui and towns on the island

Posted January 2016

Some great local information to be read on the main towns of Koh Samui and a detailed map to help with your orientation

Koh Samui map

The Headland Villas are on the West coast of Samui, also known as the Virgin Coast owing to the lower levels of development relative to the North and East coasts. You can find a map of the island in this article and check out some of the many things to do and see in each of the main towns on Koh Samui.

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Activities and things to do on Koh Samui

Posted November 2015

Sea activities, high adrenaline sports and fitness? Or something more tranquil?

Dining out, restaurants and bars on Koh Samui

Whether it's diving or snorkelling in crystal clear waters, an action packed afternoon or something a little more... relaxing... Koh Samui has it all.

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Thai Etiquette

Posted October 2015

Some great tips, language basics, dos and don'ts when travelling in Thailand

Thai etiquette

Being considerate of any culture when travelling is important and even perhaps more so in Thailand than many countries. This blog article offers some great advice when travelling in Koh Samui, or Thailand in general. From respect for the King and royal family to a few useful language phrases and some basic rules of etiquette you'll find some excellent guidelines here.

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Contact and Emergency Phone numbers

Posted October 2015

Some useful numbers if you require any emergency services whilst on Samui.

Thai emergency contact numbers

Why not print out this list of numbers before you travel? As well as the usual emergency services (Fire, Police, General Emergency) we have included Tourist Police, Hospitals and Rescue numbers not so commonly found.

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Restaurants and bars

Posted September 2015

Dining out and great spots for a relaxing drink in Koh Samui

Dining out, restaurants and bars on Koh Samui

There are days when you will want to simply enjoy the luxury, comfort and privacy of your villa with in-room dining, or home delivery ordered by our staff. For the days when you feel like venturing out, there are many dining options which are just a stroll away...

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Beaches in Koh Samui

Posted August 2015

Taling Ngam and Lipa Noi Beaches

Lipa Noi beach, Koh Samui

In front of the Headland Koh Samui on Samui's unspoilt western coast is the Taling Ngam beach. Taling Ngam beach is known for its extraordinary sunsets and enchanting views across to the "five islands". As one of the more remote places on the island it has an unspoilt naturalness that is so treasured in the busy world we all inhabit...

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Sightseeing in Koh Samui

Posted July 2015

Sail Rock, scuba diving, Bophut beach and fishing village, golf, Hin Lad waterfall and temple and more

Sail rock, scuba diving Koh Samui

Lying 45 km. north of Koh Samui, between Koh Tao and Koh Phangan, Sail Rock is acknowledged as the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand. It offers divers a stunning underwater topography in which to explore sheer vertical walls, beautiful coral gardens, a unique vertical swim-through and an extraordinarily abundant variety of marine life in all shapes and sizes...

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